What are Frank’s Stars?

Have it your way with Frank’s Stars! The Stars program at Frank’s is our new rewards program for members and visitors to our venues.

If you visit us, you are a STAR to us and are already earning Frank’s Star points.

Earning Frank’s Stars

You earn STARS for the time you spend and enjoy our venues. For example, if you spend two hours dancing the night away with us, you will earn 20 Frank’s Stars. We are jumping right in and will be awarding Stars to our STARS starting from March 1st, 2021. So you already have STARS you can use! To see what Stars you’ve already earned, look In our venues for the Frank’s Stars Kiosk, click on the Kiosk and you will see a message that details your Frank’s Stars!

Participating Venues

Frank’s Jazz
Sphynx Jazz
Frank’s Elite Jazz
Bogart’s Karaoke Bar

Redeeming Frank’s Stars

You can redeem your Stars for the goods and services we provide at Frank’s Entertainment Group.

For services, you can use 2 Stars for $L1 discount, such as:

  • Private Events and Parties
  • Chateau d’Elite Dining
  • Weddings

For Frank’s Elite members, you can bring guests with you all day or for our signature Concert Under the Stars (CUTS):

  • Elite Day Passes—200 Stars
  • Elite CUTS Passes—100 Stars

Also, as an extra reward for Elite members, you earn a 10% bonus on your Frank’s Stars awards. We appreciate our paid members!

Look for more goods and services coming soon for you to use your Frank’s Stars and to have it your way!

Just ask a Frank’s Manager for help redeeming points.


  1. Only members and guests in good standing can redeem Stars. Good standing is solely determined by management.
  2. Redeeming Stars for a scheduled service is subject to the availability of time, location, and staff to support.
  3. Stars are not transferable, and cannot be combined with any other discount or reward provided by Frank’s
  4. Frank’s management reserves the right to change the method and magnitude of earning Stars, as well as the value of Stars for redeemed goods and services.
  5. Frank’s management reserves the right to adjust and alter any or all awarded Stars. All decisions by management are final.
  6. Stars are awarded as a gift to our valued members, and Frank’s is under no obligation based on the awarded Stars. However, we will use good-faith efforts to provide members with the rewards they desire.
  7. Mistakes, miscalculations, or unindented earning of Stars will be corrected at management’s discretion.